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Dear guests and friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to spend your next holiday at our prestigious hotel that was conceived with the intention sweet emotions to make you live in an atmosphere of absolute peace, privacy and tranquility.

In everyday life increasingly marked by merciless frenetic pace, is the silence of relaxation what we want to give you, that is a reality to escape to dedicate time to yourself  and in which we are always present with special soft and descreet, allowing you to feel truly free, without coercion and complications.

In all these years my family has worked with great passion and devotion to this philosophy remain unchanged over time.
And this of course go very proud.

Delighted to wlcome you to our family, I extend the most cordial greetings.

Remo Padovani


The Padovani Family joined the tourism sector as Mrs Padovani, with her children now older, seeks to manage some apartments that were for sale, as tourist apartments.

In 1988 opened the first structure, Beatrix, which in 2013 celebrates 25 years in the tourism sector.
In 1991 the annex is added bringing the total to 23 apartments.

1990 marks the acquisition of the structure Bran&Denise with 20 apartments, which restructured in 1992. In 2001 Denise Casa is added for a total of 34 apartments.

In 1988 Villa Laura, the holiday home of the Family Padovani, is rented to tourists, as 4 apartments.

In 1996 it acquired Hotel Sporting di Costermano, then demolished, creating the current Boffenigo Small&Beautiful Hotel that opened in 2003, with an expansion completed in 27th April 2012 for a total of 75 rooms.